Business Process Outsourcing: Top 25 BPO Companies in Pakistan

November 17 2023
BPO Companies in Pakistan
Business Process Outsourcing: Top 25 BPO Companies in Pakistan

In Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), you subcontract non-core functions to other companies or organizations for services.

Such tasks encompass payroll processing, tax compliance, and debt collection, which are outsourced to other companies. Businesses delegate these functions to specialized outsourcing firms.

A growing tech hub like Pakistan can benefit from outsourcing as one of its key sectors.

Financially, Pakistan is seen as comparable to major outsourcing hubs in its region, such as India, China, and the Philippines.

In recent years, Pakistan's IT sector has seen significant growth, witnessing numerous startups and young ventures generating skilled talent. The government is actively supporting companies to enhance IT exports and expand business process outsourcing globally.

Pakistan’s BPO industry 

Over the years, Pakistan's BPO industry has experienced rapid growth, boasting over 200 operating call centers across the nation. This sector offers job opportunities to thousands of individuals.

Pakistan possesses a wealth of skilled human resources, rendering it an appealing destination for outsourcing. Numerous multinational corporations have chosen to outsource their IT functions and back-office operations to Pakistan due to its cost-effectiveness and skilled workforce.

Until recently, Pakistan's BPO industry had faced stagnation and near collapse. The major obstacles included poor infrastructure, insufficient human resources, an unfavorable tax system, and declining security conditions.

Nowadays, the country is regarded as an emerging outsourcing hub with a thriving IT sector.

Top 25 BPO companies in Pakistan 

By outsourcing business functions to a country like Pakistan, companies can concentrate more on core strategies and direction. As a growing outsourcing destination, there is a wide range of accomplished BPO firms to choose from.

BPO companies in pakistan

Below we have outlined 25 of the top BPO companies in Pakistan:

1. BITLogix

Having delivered digital excellence for over a decade, BITLogix stands as one of Pakistan's premier software companies. Established in 2008, the company initially focused on supplying software products to the healthcare sector.

At present, it serves as a global tech partner, contributing to various industry verticals in technology architecture, emerging technologies, team augmentation, and comprehensive tech-oriented consultation.

BITLogix has collaborated with over 150 clients worldwide, delivering solutions that turn digital strategies into successful executions.

2. Prime BPO

Prime BPO was established in 2010. It assists businesses in achieving substantial growth by managing customer service operations. Its multi-channel outsourcing solutions comprise live chat, virtual assistant, email, and phone support.

As a top BPO call center service provider, Prime BPO strengthens your business with proficient teams. The company's main objective is to provide global BPO services, lessening administrative burdens and enhancing their clients’ profitability.

The company serves over 200 clients worldwide and employs a workforce of over a hundred agents, consistently delivering reliability 100% of the time.

3. Jaffer Business Systems

Jaffer Business Systems (JBS) aims to address business challenges by offering integrated IT solutions.

Recognized as one of the top-tier outsourcing companies in Pakistan, Jaffer Business Systems (JBS) fosters a culture of excellence and innovation. Their collaborations in the IT sector include partnerships with HP, Huawei, Microsoft, VMware, and Digital Guardian.

JBS offers diverse tech solutions designed to continually enhance business processes, ensuring customer satisfaction through an excellent and motivated team.

4. Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technologies provides outsourcing solutions tailored to fulfill your specific project requirements. Whether it's customer services, accounting and finance functions, or IT management, Ovex has you covered.

With over 13 years of experience, Ovex specializes in using technology and human expertise to handle business processing needs. Their trained workforce is prepared to deliver exceptional services using cutting-edge technology to achieve project objectives.

5. Technupur

Technupur was established in 2018 by a group of professionals with international experience in sales, marketing, IT, and operational roles.

At the core of the company is the belief that its clients are partners, motivating the organization to prioritize ongoing processes and product enhancement.

Technupur crafts customized outsourcing solutions based on their clients' specific needs and requirements, believing that there's no universal fix for all.

It stands as one of Pakistan's leading emerging companies, offering high-quality services at competitive prices and introducing innovations in the market.

6. Outsource Tel

Outsource Tel offers global companies human resource solutions, along with a 24/7 global helpdesk and three fully integrated, state-of-the-art facilities operated by experienced professionals.

This BPO company holds over a decade of international experience in logistics, dispatching, transport, and real estate, as well as the hotel and reservation sector.

Outsource Tel has a strong understanding of the evolving technological landscape in the global enterprise, maintaining high standards that clients can rely on.

7. Servixer

Servixer is a swiftly expanding business services provider offering diverse solutions to help companies maximize efficiency and productivity. It strives to become a one-stop destination for various business needs, employing smart, innovative, and precise services.

The company sees business process outsourcing as more than just a job; it's a passion. It fully embraces its core value by wholeheartedly promoting its clients' brands.

With diverse and affordable solutions to your needs, Servixer places quality as a top priority.

8. iTribe Solutions

Established in 2014, iTribe Solutions is a B2B sales research company specializing in on-demand prospect list development, lead generation, and comprehensive marketing services for its global clients.

The BPO firm's teams consist of data scientists, expert researchers, and web crawlers who bring years of experience working with top-notch sales technology and tools.

At iTribe, they believe that a business's strength lies in its people, emphasizing the importance of selecting the best talents for achieving success. They understand that marketing data varies for each company, and tailoring solutions ensures maximum efficiency.

9. Converge Digital Solutions

Converge Digital Solutions accelerates its clients' competitive edge by turning their ideas into highly functional products and services. The team, composed of experts from various sectors, has united to create a unified platform.

Converge Digital Solutions strives to align every business with updated technologies. This helps in reducing overhead costs and boosting productivity through automation and outsourcing.

10. HumanTek

Expand your business globally with HumanTek software solutions. They understand the increasing demand for businesses to have an online presence, providing clients with top-notch services, especially in IT consultation.

HumanTek's large range of content is utilized daily. While emphasizing IT software, it also provides outsourcing development and media marketing services.

This software outsourcing provider welcomes innovation and incorporates ideas with finesse into custom designs. 

11. 24/7 Call BPO

24/7 Call BPO assures its clients that possesses the expertise required to cater to their needs professionally. They uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and competence, ensuring client satisfaction.

Whether the customer relationship goals involve quantifying sales leads, conducting market research, or responding to inquiries, there will be a team of specialists readily available.

24/7 Call BPO offers tailored training for its employees based on their respective teams and roles. Their customer support specialists strive to deliver consistently excellent service that is both timely and cost-effective.

12. Ropstam Solutions

Ropstam Solutions is your one-stop BPO for websites, mobile apps, and custom software. 

It comprises highly skilled teams of web developers, mobile app developers, content creators, social media managers, and proficient executives. Even if your company only requires outsourcing consultation, they can expertly provide it.

Ropstam remains an innovative company that turns ideas into reality. Through experience and expertise, it has become one of the premier web development companies, operating in various countries and helping businesses stand out globally.

13. The BPO

The BPO provides tailor-made solutions crafted specifically for its clients' business needs, taking into account their nature, size, and specific requirements. They boast a team of diverse professionals with extensive technical knowledge and experience.

It caters to both small and large companies, ranging from those aiming for cost optimization to startups dealing with capacity management issues.

The BPO acknowledges outsourcing as a growing key trend that assists businesses in attaining desired agility and competence.

14. Atlantis BPO Solutions

Atlantis BPO Solutions turns BPO services into an end-to-end solution delivery process. Its innovative working approach has aided clients in reaching their business goals efficiently.

It doesn't adhere to traditional BPO routines; instead, it exceeds its capabilities to address all business requirements.

Atlantis BPO strives to lead the market in the BPO industry. It is motivated by its team's hard work and passion, prioritizing people over processes and dedicating maximum effort and time.

15. ScaleMill

ScaleMill is a B2B sales and lead generation company that provides partners with a comprehensive inside sales experience, handling outbound prospecting, appointment setting, and client acquisition. Its team of professionals covers all aspects of innovative solutions.

ScaleMill boasts decades of experience in excelling at sales and lead generation. It concentrates on establishing connections between customers and companies, pinpointing pain points, and presenting their product as a solution to fulfill needs.

16. Premier BPO

Established in 2003, Premier BPO provides comprehensive business process outsourcing solutions aimed at increasing profits, cutting costs, and improving customer satisfaction. Its goal is to harmonize technology with customer requirements.

Premier BPO seamlessly merges customized services with its clients' current processes, essentially becoming an extension of their business. It emphasizes customer excellence through specialized teams, striving to transcend business horizons.

17. HiredSupport

Since 2010, HiredSupport has been a trailblazer in the outsourcing industry, collaborating with global companies to enhance their customer support channels.

Many startups and digital businesses opt for this BPO firm to manage their customer services round the clock. More than a hundred businesses and startups rely on HiredSupport as their outsourcing support service provider.

Outsource your customer support needs and recruit live chat and voice agents via HiredSupport. It caters to and collaborates with all major support channels, assisting businesses with various back-end processes.

18. TELOS 

TELOS was created to address an internal business challenge. It has operated as a call center support provider for four years across various industries. Its main goal is to offer solutions covering a comprehensive range of BPO services.

TELOS delivers top-notch BPO solutions to companies globally. It has built a robust, skilled team with a solid methodology for its BPO services. Handling business processes enables you to concentrate on your company’s direction.

19. Cenit, Inc

Cenit, Inc. has consistently provided business value through its IT and BPO services, offering quality support and a skilled technical team. Established in 2014, it now features a robust staff comprising IT engineers and customer support specialists dedicated to resolving your business requirements.

Cenit, Inc. aims to expand alongside its partner companies, ensuring satisfied customers and improved revenue. It provides expertise in vertical solutions that enable businesses to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

20. Touchstone Communications

Touchstone Communications has been offering contact and call center solutions to expanding companies for 20 years.

Touchstone's influence is so extensive that nearly every call center in Pakistan today credits their leadership training to Touchstone. Presently, the company operates five major facilities globally, focusing on innovation, efficiency, and scalability.

Touchstone Communications links individuals with data, technologies, and processes to speed up and enhance lives. Collaborating with top-tier companies, it ensures an exceptional customer experience at every 'touchpoint'.

21. Apex Global

Since its establishment in 2018, Apex Global has been on a mission to revolutionize the BPO industry with innovative and tailored strategies for customer service management. It offers precise solutions crafted to meet even the most specific requirements.

Apex Global places a strong emphasis on SEO and call center services in their outsourcing. They manage every step of the customer acquisition process and have received praise for converting prospects into high-quality leads for their clients.

22. ePlanet Communications

ePlanet Communications is a business process outsourcing provider offering various outsourcing solutions and services all in one place. It concentrates on each vertical solution, granting clients access to a professional workforce, industry expertise, quality, and productivity.

ePlanet Communications boasts over a decade of experience in delivering streamlined end-to-end services with efficiency and measurable outcomes. Its multi-channel solutions aid in boosting brand recognition for clients and enhancing the customer lifetime value for their business.

23. Tribe Consulting

Tribe Consulting was founded in 2014 and stands as one of the largest service providers in Pakistan's business process outsourcing and business process management industry.

It boasts an outstanding customer satisfaction record, a highly-trained staff, and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and operational platforms.

Tribe Consulting has rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing providers for outsourced contact solutions. It strives to strike an optimal balance between customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and revenue growth, tailoring its services specifically to meet its clients' needs.

24. Digitech Outsourcing Solution

Digitech Outsourcing Solution was established in 2010. It aids businesses in exponential growth by overseeing customer service. Its array of outsourcing solutions spans multiple channels, encompassing live chat, virtual assistant, email, and phone support.

As a leading BPO call center service provider, it furnishes your business with competent teams. Digitech Outsourcing Solutions' primary mission is to deliver BPO services worldwide, alleviating administrative burdens and enhancing their clients’ profitability.

It has over 200 clients worldwide and over a hundred agents at its disposal, producing reliable results 100% of the time.    

25. Sybrid Private Limited

Sybrid Private Limited ranks among the top BPO companies. Understanding that specialization is a primary focus for major organizations, it dedicates efforts to handling critical yet non-core aspects of businesses.

Nowadays, it provides highly effective BPO services encompassing both inbound and outbound operations. With a capable team of professionals, Sybrid assists your company in achieving significant cost reductions and tangible superiority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Which is the biggest BPO in Pakistan?

The largest business process outsourcing (BPO) firm in Pakistan may differ according to the metrics employed, such as revenue, workforce size, or scope of services provided. However, TRG Pakistan, Systems Limited, and Ibex are a few of the biggest BPO firms in Pakistan.

2- What is a BPO company?

The largest business process outsourcing (BPO) firm in Pakistan may differ according to the metrics employed, such as revenue, workforce size, or scope of services provided. However, TRG Pakistan, Systems Limited, and Ibex are a few of the biggest BPO firms in Pakistan.

3- Is BPO a call center company?

Even though call centers are a typical BPO service, it's important to keep in mind that not all BPO firms operate call centers. In addition to call center operations, BPO firms may provide a variety of services like data processing, content moderation, and e-commerce support.

4- What is the most successful BPO Company?

The best BPO company may differ depending on several factors, including revenue, customer base, and standing in the industry. Globally renowned and prosperous BPO firms could include Accenture, IBM, and Genpact.

5- Is there a BPO in Pakistan?

Yes, several BPO companies are operating in Pakistan, offering a wide range of services to clients both domestically and internationally. Pakistan has come out as a competitive destination for BPO services due to its skilled workers and cost-effective services.

6- What are the BPO trends in 2024?

To streamline procedures and boost productivity, automation, and artificial intelligence will be used more frequently in the BPO sector in 2024.

  • Expansion of BPO services to include specialized services like analytics, digital marketing, and consultancy in addition to standard offerings.
  • To safeguard sensitive data, give cybersecurity and data privacy your full attention.
  • Increased need for scalable, cloud-based BPO solutions to facilitate remote work.

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