BPO Services: Best Companies for Outsourcing in Pakistan

November 16 2023
BPO Companies in Pakistan
Business Process Outsourcing
BPO Services: Best Companies for Outsourcing in Pakistan

Despite Pakistan facing economic challenges and political instability, the country has become a significant player in the global outsourcing industry. Pakistan has a large pool of talented and skilled workers from different backgrounds, These workers make it an attractive option for organizations seeking to outsource their operations. Before delving into the top 10 outsourcing companies in Pakistan, it's crucial to understand why companies choose to outsource their business functions or a portion of them.

The Need for Outsourcing

Cost Reduction

In today's highly competitive market, Organizations are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs to stay competitive. Outsourcing presents a viable approach for cost reduction. Companies can outsource their operations to regions or countries with lower labor and operational expenses.

For example, a US organization based in the District of Columbia must pay its workers a minimum of $16.25 per hour, totaling $2600 per month—a significant amount from a business standpoint. However, if the business were to outsource the same job to Pakistan, they could easily hire an experienced resource for less than $1000, and often even for $500.

Focus on Core Business Functions

Another reason companies prefer outsourcing is to focus on core business functions. For example, a web development company specializes in developing web apps but does not have specialization in marketing or human resource management. Consequently, it would benefit such a company to outsource these functions to specialized firms. It frees up valuable resources that can then be dedicated entirely to web development.


Furthermore, flexibility stands as another key reason why companies opt to outsource. Take, for example, a large multinational corporation with numerous sites spread across various geographic locations. Rather than hiring IT resources for each site, the corporation can outsource this function to a managed IT services company. This company would be accountable for overseeing operations at each location, saving the multinational corporation the trouble of recruitment and managing the employees.


During the pandemic, IT companies extensively recruited new employees. However, as demand began to decline, they started laying off the employees. Collectively, companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and Zoom have let go of thousands of employees. When factoring in the severance packages for these employees and the impact on the organization's reputation, the costs are pretty high.

Engaging an outsourcing company to supply additional resources would be more efficient. When demand rises, a company can request a third-party provider to allocate more resources. Conversely, when demand decreases, they can scale down the contract. This approach saves the trouble of recruitment, onboarding, layoffs, and the management of reputational impacts.

Risk Mitigation

Internationally, there's a rise in regulations mainly because self-regulation has failed to a certain extent. However, even leading organizations struggle to maintain compliance with the continuously evolving regulatory framework. Failing to comply can lead to significant fines, damage to reputation, and other repercussions.

For example, Meta faced a $1.3 billion fine due to non-compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Outsourcing to third parties helps shift the risk to specialized companies. There are many companies that specialize in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Cost Predictability

Lastly, another major reason companies engage in outsourcing is cost predictability. Upon entering into a contract with an outsourcing company, the costs remain fixed for the specified duration. It allows an organization to effectively manage its budget and avoid any cost overruns.

Let’s shift our focus to the main topic.

Pakistan’s Top-Ranked Outsourcing Companies

1. The Resource Group (TRG)

When discussing Pakistan’s IT industry, it's essential to mention TRG. It's a publicly listed company and among the leading IT firms in Pakistan. TRG, a venture capital company, primarily concentrates on business process outsourcing (BPO) and has an impressive track record. Despite facing recent challenges, it consistently maintains its position among the top BPO companies in Pakistan.

2. Prime BPO

Prime BPO was established in 2010. It helps businesses in achieving significant growth through managing customer service operations. Its multi-channel outsourcing solutions include live chat, virtual assistant, email, and phone support.

As a leading BPO call center service provider, Prime bpo empowers your business with skilled teams. The company's primary mission is to deliver BPO services globally, reducing administrative burdens and boosting their clients’ profitability.

The company has over 200 clients globally and has a workforce of over a hundred agents, consistently delivering reliability 100% of the time.  

3. Systems Limited

It is an award-winning company that has gained credibility for its quality IT services. It boasts some of the top companies as its clients. Recently, it won the 2023 Microsoft Country/Region Partner of the Year Pakistan. It was also the recipient of Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion 2023 award, its fourth consecutive.

4. Abacus Consulting

The company offers a wide range of outsourcing services, with a primary specialization in human process outsourcing. It provides on-demand staff suitable for a wide range of projects, catering to diverse industries. With a dedicated focus on quality, Abacus Consulting is the perfect partner to achieve a competitive advantage through streamlined HR processes.

5. NetSol Technologies

This company is among the leading names in Pakistan’s IT industry and is frequently preferred by multinational firms looking to outsource their business operations to Pakistan. The company’s core specialty lies in financial accountancy and audit practices. Over the years, it has expanded its service offerings to include other areas, such as IT.

6. Premier BPO

Premier BPO was established in 2003. It provides comprehensive business process outsourcing solutions aimed to generate higher profits, reduce overall costs, and improve customer satisfaction. It focuses on creating synergy between technology and customer needs. 

Premier BPO smoothly incorporates customized services with its clients' current processes, effectively becoming an extension of the business. The company focuses on customer excellence by employing specialized teams, striving to surpass business boundaries.

7. Atlantis BPO Solutions

Atlantis BPO Solutions converts BPO services into an end-to-end solution delivery process. Its innovative approach has aided clients in reaching their business objectives efficiently.

It doesn't limit itself to the traditional routines of BPO; rather, it extends beyond its capabilities to address all business requirements.

Atlantis BPO aims to emerge as the leading player in the BPO industry. The company is fueled by its team's dedication and enthusiasm, prioritizing people over processes and dedicating maximum effort and time.

8. Zones

Zones’ service and solution processes are designed to propel business expansion, focusing primarily on IT-related outsourcing services. Whether you need specialized IT professionals or seek a managed IT services partner, Zones stands as a dependable option. The company has a demonstrated history of collaborating with some of the world's leading companies.

9. Ibex

Without a doubt, customer experience is critical to an organization's success. ibex takes pride in being recognized as the premier global customer experience outsourcing company. It offers innovative solutions and comprehensive services to help companies reach their full potential. Its key services encompass a customer contact center, online customer acquisition, and customer outreach. 

10. Tekrowe Digital

This company leads in technology and leverages its expertise to transform other businesses. It provides a wide range of outsourcing services, it includes staff augmentation. Addressing the skills shortage, especially in the tech sector, Tekrowe Digital supplies remote and on-site workers or teams based on specific needs. Additionally, it offers product engineering teams, providing comprehensive support for end-to-end product development support.


Pakistan has established itself as a significant contender in the global outsourcing industry. Despite economic challenges and political upheavals, the country boasts a diverse pool of highly talented and skilled professionals from various backgrounds. This skilled workforce stands as a significant factor driving companies to choose outsourcing in Pakistan.


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