BPO Providers: Tips for Choosing the Best Providers in Pakistan

November 17 2023
BPO Providers in Pakistan
Business Process Outsourcing
BPO Providers: Tips for Choosing the Best Providers in Pakistan

To make your outsourcing successful, ask yourself: When should you outsource when to outsource, and when not to. Considering whether to hand over specific business tasks to an external expert can be fascinating. However, there are some factors to think about for a smooth transition and successful outsourcing possible

Nowadays, the idea of a global workforce has erased geographical limits, enabling businesses to operate anywhere in the world. If your company is growing and requires additional support, outsourcing non-core functions can provide the talent, skills, cost-efficiency, and quality advantage to stay competitive. Here, we've listed eight things to consider before selecting a BPO partner to ensure a successful transition.

Tips for Choosing the Best BPO Provider in Pakistan

Best BPO Provider in Pakistan

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1- Assess Your Needs

Think about why you're outsourcing and find any possible gaps. Being clear about this helps manage expectations and makes the outsourcing process more efficient. Someone experienced in outsourcing, who has worked with many companies, can assist you during the initial discovery and discussion. Alternatively, you can hire an outsourcing consulting firm for guidance.

Recognize the contrast between various outsourcing models, such as Onshoring (outsourcing within the same country) and offshoring (outsourcing to different countries). If you prefer a collaborative partnership instead of a traditional vendor relationship, explore offshoring with a co-sourcing partner, aiming for a proactive, consultative, value-added relationship.

Usually, temporary services or staff augmentation takes a lot of time and effort from you. Your company ends up managing resources, including training and onboarding, which can be challenging if you're already understaffed. Engaging an outsourcing partner covers many administrative tasks and lets you benefit from their expertise in achieving business goals for their clients.

2- Determine What Goals You Are Seeking

  • Do you need to reduce operational costs (what specifically is your cost driver)
  • Are you looking to improve quality (how do you measure it)?
  • Is there a need to expand operations to other geographies?
  • Are you facing a lack of talent for recruiting or retention?
  • Do you get inundated with surges in demand that are trigger-based or seasonal but not sustainable?

Similar to any goal or objective, it should be specific, time-bound, and measurable. This not only helps you focus on what you aim to achieve through outsourcing, but it also enables you and your co-sourcing partner to strive towards the same business outcome.

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3- Establish Baseline Metrics

You should aim to compare the results before and after implementing changes in your main business outcomes. Try to identify your goals and assess your organization's current performance to effectively measure your co-sourcing partner's impact. Documenting the outsourcing process steps is crucial for estimating accurately and identifying suitable roles. Your business processing outsourcer is typically helpful in these situations.

4- Culture-Match Your Outsourcer

Select an outsourcer that aligns closely with your organization's values and provides tailored services. An experienced partner will assist in smoothly navigating cultural shifts and offer teams with native-level language proficiency. A seasoned outsourcer, such as Prime BPO, seamlessly integrates with our client’s business processes by immersing themselves in our client’s corporate culture.

The location you choose is crucial for achieving the desired results. When considering offshoring or right-shoring options, places like the Philippines share cultural and educational similarities with the U.S. Meanwhile, China and Pakistan harbor untapped technical talent reservoirs.

5- Have Realistic Expectations of Your Outsourcer

Setting clear expectations with your outsourcing partner ensures that the results align with the quality and quantity promised. Maintain regular communication with your external teams to monitor deadlines and deliverables. Ensure transparency in the project to align anticipated outcomes with actual results.

Choosing for the least expensive provider might seem like the first choice, but it's not recommended if you seek high-quality service. It also won't provide you with proactive support for continual process improvement, something seasoned partners like Prime BPO can offer in Pakistan.

6- Estimate Your Savings

Always create a cost estimate to understand what you'll receive. Once you've finalized the fundamentals, the next step is to determine the projected savings from your outsourcing. Frequently, the added expenses of internal employees are disregarded, causing a rise in your overall fully loaded costs. With outsourcing, your partner manages all overhead expenses such as attrition, training, quality assurance, healthcare, insurance, vacation days, and more.

7- Co-Source for the Right Partnership

Choosing the best BPO provider in Pakistan that is a mutual fit is ideal because one size doesn’t fit all. Pick a partner that is:

  • willing to go the extra mile (tailor their services)
  • can fulfill your needs (can get you the right talent)
  • is established and experienced (proven they can stand the test of time and they have experience in different scenarios)
  • is aligned to your company’s business outcomes (becomes an extension of your business)

A BPO provider focused on long-term relationships and proactive consultation will also be your guide every step of the way. A co-sourcing partner like Prime BPO customizes services according to each client’s requirements and operates based on shared risk and reward models to foster mutual growth.

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8- Have an Onboarding Plan

Choose a partner company that knows how to offer specialized attention to companies outsourcing for the first time. From collaborating on job descriptions to recruiting talent, onboarding, and training, an experienced outsourcing company ensures they seamlessly integrate with your business.

Hiring new staff is crucial for growth and expansion, and a knowledgeable business process outsourcing company ensures you acquire the necessary talent. Partners such as Prime BPO also provide estimated timelines for scaling up or down, based on the resources you might need to add or remove at any point in time.


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